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jasper - scrambling cinquefoil mt, climbing in hidden valley, hiking the tonquin valley

took amy scrambling for the first time (climbing a mountain without ropes) on what was supposed to be a "moderate" route up cinquefoil mt, ended up being one of the more difficult i have done, amy had a bad time and was mad at me.

went climbing in hidden valley, cool limestone canyon, very sharp rocks. did some multi-pitch climbing (climbing a wall taller than a rope length so you have to split it up into multiple pitches), very fun.

hiked the tonquin valley, very nice trail, the ramparts are very tall, amethyst lake is beautiful. taught brendan's dog to go and get me beers, it helps that brendan's dog also likes to drink the beers.

first view of cinquefoil, thinking "surely we don't go up that vertical section, surely we come around the back side"


making our way


amy hates scrambling and is v grumpy

good views though




cool rock, v grippy slab

hidden valley is a very cool canyon, very cool rock formations

amy heading up the last pitch of the day, about 20 stories up

high point

starting the tonquin valley, one day we will climb edith cavell (left), today is not that day

alpenglow on oldhorn


fireweed and ramparts on the tonquin valley

went for a swim in amethyst lake

put up a few new bouldering routes in this stream

sunset on the ramparts

hiked up in the dark to see sunrise alpenglow on the ramparts

mt clitheroe, wanted to climb this but were too beat by the time we got there, also rated as "moderate" by the same book so who knows how hard it is

surprise point

sunset surprise

killed some time at lake louise hiking the teahut hike, managed to take a photo without a million people in it

hiked the parker ridge trail which was pretty chill, renjo however has no chill

taught renjo a new trick

hiked wilcox pass, saw some glaciers, renjo tried to herd some goats







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