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newfoundland - east coast trail

hiked st. john's to witless bay over 5 days, stayed in blackhead, petty harbour, bay bulls, and witless bay. drank lots of blue stars and india beers, and unfortunately a few dominions and black horses. first of many lifetime visits to the duke of duckworth. considered opening a university in witless bay called "witless u". scrambled up the sugarloaf and drank a 6 pack up top waiting for a reso at mallard cottage. learned the difference between turrs and murres (there isn't a difference but you can shoot one of them). favourite place in canada.

leaving st. john's


campsite at blackhead

blackhead stars

standard scenery

if heaven and ireland had a little girl

petty harbour campsite

motion head

sea stacks

baby beluga

many birds

many puffins

witless bay

witless bay



petty harbour fog




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