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skyline trail, turbine canyon, skoki loop

hiked the skyline trail from the watchtower in september, saw so many bears on the trail, then got woken up by bears on our site at night. very cold at night, at least -10C. summited curator mt, very fun. got chased off a narrow ridge by a family of aggressive goats. hiked turbine canyon loop, very big headwall 0 stars, graham tried to get us to climb mt. jellicoe but too tired. got chased by a ranger for having a fire but we evaded him with stealth and cunning. skokis were smoki, climbed fossil mt, which was just a big pile of of gravel. did the richardson/ptarmigan summit linkup, made ice axes out of pointy rocks, did a lot of scree skiing, almost scooby doo-ed off a cliff.

first stop: moraine lake

approaching curator mt.

on our way up curator

curator summit

alpenglow from the watchtower

skyline trail

see the løveli lakes

these guys kicked us off a ridge and followed us the whole way down

smoki turbine canyon

cheeky fires, not pictured: the ranger across the lake who can definitely see us

the larches were starting to change

no. 1, the larch


redoubt mt., brendan

summit of ptarmigan peak, pretty cool

on our way up mt. richardson, ptarmigan in the background

no. 1, the larch




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