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waterton, white goat wilderness, cirque peak

went backpacking in waterton, graham bear sprayed himself, jeremy had a bad time. hiked up to crypt lake, trespassed into montana for like 10 minutes, ate a bunch of hotdogs, then headed up to white goat wilderness to stay at sunset pass. got shut down on an attempt to summit coleman mt. due to the wild amount of bushwhacking needed to even get on the scree. scrambled cirque peak which was nice. hiked ha ling peak which was possibly the worst hike i have ever been on.

waterton is super burnt out

wildfire remnants

the infamous tunnel on the crypt lake hike, brendan for scale

various waterfalls abound on the lake hike

heading into the tunnel

as you might imagine, sunset on sunset pass is nice

reflections on the icefields

rare brendan

cirque peak approach

scrambling the summit block on cirque peak

the cirque in question

descending cirque peak, v good views

views from the cirque

more from the summit block

ha ling is seriously the worst hike, don't do it

seriously the worst

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